What to do when Pagerank Drop

Google Page Rank DropThere are many reasons why pagerank can drop. A simple disobedience to the guidelines of Google can drop your rankings but for those who followed the rules there is still a possibility that a page rank can drop. Why does page rank still drops and what should you do to put back your rankings?

In one of our article regarding “Why other website get a higher rankings” it explained the importance of content, off domain and backlinks to help your website increase its ranking. ┬áThe following thoughts will give us some views on what to do when our website pagerank drop.

What a PageRank

It is a quantity defined by Google that provides a rough estimate of the overall importance of a web page. For many webmasters, PageRank has a greater impact to know the standing of their web page. Through this, you can identify if the site is reliable and has a good reputation. The higher the PageRank is, the better.

Here’s another question and explanation by Matt Cutts about this “Page Rank Drop” and what should you do to get your website ranking higher.

Question by Silviot from Torino, Italy about “Pagerank Drop”

I use the Google Toolbar to monitor PageRank. I read on the Internet that it gives old and quite unreliable data. Can I have reliable realtime PageRank information about the sites I administer? And how can I identify causes of a PageRank drop?

How can you identify causes of a PageRank drop by Matt Cutts?


Matt Cutts explained that Google Page Rank updates are done three to four times a year. The reason why they did this because they don’t want the people to just focus on this and forget about the most important part which are, titles, accessibility and good content.

When increasing your Page Rank there are certain things to understand that your Page Rank can possibly drop. The following are the main causes of PageRank drop:

  1. A reputable link stops linking to your page.
  2. Doing something weird with the internal linking.
  3. Selling links – This is the most common reason why a PageRank drops. It actually violates Google’s quality guidelines.

If selling links happens then you need to remove the link that you are selling and do a reconsideration request to Google and they will review the site. Then there might be a chance that your PageRank will return.

Having high PageRank might give you a high chance to be ranked above your competitors.

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