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Philippines Youth Starter Programmer

During this time many youth are into technology and gadgets. Most of them are used to make them entertained, work, educate and use for other purposes.  Technology is very useful today in terms of business, work and gaining more knowledge. But today many people don’t use the technology wisely, they[…]

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Traffic Limit on Blogspot or Blogger

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There are many people who asked about traffic limit on Blogspot or Blogger account. As I made my researched I didn’t see any limit on the traffic or bandwidth set on my blog. It is only limited on the storage that that they provide.  For those who would want to start[…]

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Cebu Product Support Specialist Job

CLIENT:  Certain, Inc.   Position Summary: This support position is responsible for handling incoming and outgoing service related calls (both phone and web support). This role is a solution based position focused on problem solving software related issues. This position requires strong verbal communication skills and consultative customer focus with[…]

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10 Smart Shopify Online Cart Optimization

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to deploy a website for your online store, then you are in the right page. We believe that there are many online application tools you can use to sell products and services. Today we will tell you something about Shopify. About[…]

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SEOing Japanese Website

Search engines has dramatically made a lot of changes to improve and provide the best query result in relation to contents, images, videos and many other search queries. Despite these changes, still many newbie SEO specialists are confused on how to get search engine ranking for new website that is[…]

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SEO: Knowledge is not power!

I know what you’re thinking! okay, I give up! I don’t know what you’re thinking! but the fact that you are reading this means that I somehow triggered a curiosity in you to find out the logic behind my defiance to the cliche quote “ipsa scientia potestas est” or “knowledge[…]

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