Philippines Cebu Charity Business Donations and Helping Hands

Philippines-feeding-program-small-childrenIn this world of turmoil and hardship, it is sometimes uncertain to find kind-hearted people — those that are willing to give what they have and what they can spare to help others who are less fortunate. The act of giving is most of the time underrated, neglected, and even forgotten. Sometimes, people tend to be selfish especially when they are in abundance, never realizing that there are a lot who are destitute, deprived and underprivileged.Philippines children feeding program

Just recently, an extraordinary event changed the course of EYEWEBMASTER and its staffs. A generous man, a long-time client of the company (owner of Chinese Visa Express), volunteered to send money to sponsor a feeding program for less fortunate Filipino children. It was the most memorable moment that the company had since it started its operation. Feeding more than sixty children was pleasurable. The happiness that was reflected on each child’s face as they received their food and some school supplies was spectacular.

Philippines School SuppliesIt has always been a goal of EYEWEBMASTER to set a part of the company’s income from each of its clients to go to a good cause, the charity. The company will be finding more and more children to help because the company believes that these children will have better future if they would be saved from hunger. It’s the company’s desire to impart to others its blessings which may not be too much but for others who don’t have, it is enough.

It is self-evident that when you choose to avail Cebu Primary Studentsof our service, you are helping our company so much and it is our assurance to be of full-service to you. But what you do not see and know is that, a part of your payment to us goes to people who are underprivileged, mostly those that are in dire need. We do not desire to publish their names but surely in their hearts, was planted the seeds of gratitude.

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