Why Do Ebooks Cost So Much?


Ebook is an electronic version of printed books. It is a book in digital form, consists of text and images. Ebook is produced and published through computers. Ebook is more costly compared to printed books.

Nowadays, youth are so addicted in this so called electronic books or simply Ebooks.  They reject the fact that it is more expensive than printed books. For them, Ebook is convenient. They can read it at school, at home, at malls during evening, after lunch, or in other words, they can read it anywhere and anytime they want, through the use of computers or even mobile phones which have ebook readers.

Going beyond of what’s going on, let’s first explore and find out why Ebooks are more expensive than printed books. Printed books, before it became a published product, must undergo a lot of processes. Printed books need papers, ink, glue, printing, warehousing, shipping, shelfspace, and everything else that goes into producing meatspace material.

But why is it cheaper than Ebook? A Senior Vice President of the Hachette Book Group, Maja Thomas say’s that “People would have heart attacks if they knew all the costs associated with digital publishing.” Tacking an e onto a book requires antipiracy software, digital warehousing, extra legal supports, and programmers to adapt each title for Android, iPhone, Kindle, and all other formats. And if I could just give a comment, I would rather not knew all the costs, I don’t want to have heart attacks.

 Another writer, Larry Doyle explained why Ebook is more expensive. He said, “Publishers are worried that if they sell the digital editions for too little, they’ll have to lower prices for the paper editions as well, which would undercut their main source of revenue.” It may be a little funny but it is indeed true.

Larry Doyle also added, “Publishers do price Ebooks a little higher than necessary, because they’re concerned about devaluing people’s perception of books.” It would truly be alarming if that would happen. I cannot imagine a world without printed books. I really do love printed books.

Reading Ebooks have become part of youth’s daily routines. Some have given more value to Ebooks than their school’s textbooks. As a youth, we should be reminded to give importance to printed books. Although it’s not wrong to adore Ebooks but we should always put in our minds that exposing our eyes too long in the computers or mobile phones can damage our eyesights. Thus reading printed books is more certain and reliable. Of course, we don’t want printed books to vanish in our society in the future, so we better should patronage printed books.

About The Author: Shena Marie Dabalos is a high school student and is very interested in literature, social networking sites, technology, and as well as in the internet. She is very interested in learning new things.

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