Philippines Top Graphic Artist Designer in 99Designs

Philippines Graphic Artist Design
The Philippines has yet another citizen to be proud of. In a worldwide arena of graphic designers, a Filipino stands out among the rest of the flock who competed in an online crowd source graphic design called 99designs. 99designs is the leading market place where clients can input their needs of any design whether for T-shirt printing, logo, website and much more. These clients can set up a contest where a great number of designers compete to create the design that would suit their needs. In this way, clients will have a variety of work to choose from and pick out the one that truly suits their interest.

Peper Pascual has won 74 contests in and is well loved and respected by staff of the company. He didn’t have formal schooling for graphic design but his skills have sharpened over the short years he has been with the company. Peper shared how he loved drawing when he was a kid and how he would draw pictures from Bible stories and robots. As a young boy, he would enter drawing competitions in school and that he sometimes win and at times do not. He has learned at an early age the habit of competitive drawing. Peper compares his drawing style to juxtaposition art. He says that he enjoys combining two things to create a clever output.

Looking back, Peper shared how he entered 99designs out of curiosity. He had friends who were members of the website and so he decided to check it out also. He only entered a contest six months after his membership in 99designs which he recalled as funny because of how he created it. Over the years, Peper has become one of 99designs gold designers because of his great passion and wonderful creations. He said that the most important aspect of the design process is to read the design brief given and to communicate with the client. These two things are essential in order to fully understand the need of the client and to be able to create the design that would reflect that need. He further added that the difference between a good design and a poor design depends on the cleanliness of the drawing and the appeal it creates to the viewers. Creating a logo for example has to be checked even to the smallest detail so that it will be viewed clearly. Indeed his passion for drawing and keen attention to details has brought him to win many competitions in 99designs. Truly Peper Pascual is one Filipino graphic designer to be proud of!

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