How to effectively use Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster ToolsThere are many tools that are available today where you can track every queries of your website. Most of these tools are free tools and some of them are paid.When you are just tracking your keywords and website impressions, clicking through rates, duplicates, website errors and speed of a website you can use Google Webmaster Tool because it is free.

This article will show how Google Webmaster tool can give you reliable information on how to improve your keywords and click through rates or generally website traffic performances and conversion. If you’re new to Google Webmaster tool you can go to this topic (Starting to Use Google Webmaster Tools).

In the video below you can view on How to effectively use Google Webmaster Tool especially when you are dealing with online product selling. One key to success when you’re dealing with online product selling is to monitor your keywords and impressions accurately. This will help you what to do next to improve your product performances.

Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO

The internet is amazing. It is easy to share what you create with the entire world.

The video had shown you how to manage your Google Webmaster Tools. Maile Ohye discussed that Google webmaster tools can display errors on your web pages when they index your site, so that you can check those errors and fix them. Every time you create a website and product page you can use this tools to monitor the links and keyword page rank position in Google search results. This will be a great help to discover the unsuccessful pages and products in your store, so you can focus on that. Google Webmaster tools also regularly check your site and if there are problems it will even send an email alert if it finds important issues.

Now make sure that everything is okay with Google Webmaster Tools.

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  1. Dan Dennis - May 16, 2012 12:16 pm

    I’ll be using this tools to my website. Thank you for posting.