30 SEO Checklist for your Website Optimization

mini seo checklistOne of the most important task for every SEO specialist or webmaster today is to have a checklist and guidelines. This will enable them to successfully optimize website pages, to be friendly with the search engines and rank on top of the search result for specific keyword phrases. Many web owners and webmasters fail to optimize websites because they don’t have any references or guidelines to use. We have made this simple listing where you can base your website optimization.

These SEO checklists are used to guide website owners and webmasters in optimizing a website properly. Many SEO experts continue to base their optimization with these checklist and they obtain good results in their works.

30 SEO Checklist in Optimizing your website pages


1. Keyword Research – One of the basic but important thing to do to find keyword niche for your website content pages. You can use these keyword tools tips for your keyword research.
2. Preliminary Ranking Report – This report will enable you to identify your main keywords.
3. Competitor Analysis – this will help you easily identify where you can position your optimization strategy to compete with your competitors.

SEO Checklist
On Page Optimization

4. Backup Website – the most important to do to avoid major error problems to occur.
5. Optimize Title Tags – Properly use relevant title and description for specific website pages and post.
6. Meta Tag Composition – Properly put specific tags on the images and videos.
7. URL’s Optimized – Avoid url coded name display to your internet browser (ex. index.php).
8. Codes Optimization – Checking your website code error would help search engine crawl your website easily.
9. Image Optimization – Optimized your images to speed up your website speed.
10. Spider Friendly Navigation – Check if you site is spider friendly
11. Duplicate Content Removal – Check your webmaster and cms to avoid duplicate content
12. Keyword Density – Check your keyword density to avoid high keyword density for website pages.
13. Contents – Make unique content for your website.
14. Robot.txt – Create and optimized your robot.txt
15. Google Sitemap
16. Link Bait Setup
17. Blog Setup and Optimization – Innovate your website by putting up a blog

Off page Optimization

18. Link Exchange Setup
19. Paid Directory Submission
20. Forum and Blog Promotion
21. Social Networking Profiles
22. Free Directory Submissions
23. Social Bookmarking
24. Article Writing – Continue to create article for your blog and website.
25. Article Submissions
26. Press Release Writing
27. Press Release Submission

Progress Reports

28. Search Engine Index Reports – Continuously check your rank indexes.
29. Back links Reports – More back links would help you increase your brand and rankings.
30. Ranking Reports – Determine what are the things to be done can help increase more ranking for your domain and website pages.

We know that this list can help you optimize your website pages properly.

About The Author: Rosendo Cuyasen Jr. is the head of Eyewebmaster a web developing and SEO firm in the country. You can follow him on twitter@Eyewebmaster account, you can also like him to his Facebook account and Google + account.

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