3 Top Advantages of Buying Philippine Domains (.com.ph / .ph .org.ph)

Dot Ph LogoIn the Philippines there are many business owners who still prefer to buy .com, .net, .org or other common extension domain names available online. One great reason for buying such common domain name is because of the lower cost. It is cheaper to buy common domains(.com, .net, .org) than a local domain names.

There are many big companies who usually use a common domain name but also prefer to buy local domain names so that they can easily localize their business update to their client or consumers. It is also important to consider local business, local products and services which are available locally.

As webmasters, we also consider your marketing strategy in the internet since technology is also a great part of business success in this modern time. We believe that search engine are preferring local domain name in their search engine ranking for specific keyword research.  These are some reasons why many business owners are starting to buy local domain names. There are also some great advantages why you need to get one.

Three (3) Advantages of Local Domain Names in the Philippines (.com.ph, .ph, .org.ph, net.ph)

1. Brand Availability – There are many business that would be the same all around the globe. Since your business in locally in the Philippines you can be able to get .com.ph or .ph domain for your business.

2. Search Engine Advantages – Robot’s for the search engine are changing and getting better. Since localize information are important to the search engine they would prefer local domains that are found in the web.

3. Local domain can be hosted to Faster Servers – Many local users have a point of views that local server are not that good. But actually you can be able to set your local domain to better server found in any location all around the world.

Philippines Domain Providers Support

Philippine Domain providers are now innovating to cater the demand of local domain names for .ph, .com.ph, net.ph and .org.ph. You can be able to chat with them or contact someone who are expert in the field.

If you’re planning to buy a local domain and you might be needing our help by contacting Eyewebmaster local domain expert and I believe they can be able to give you great help in registering your local domain name through your server or a new server.


About The Author: Rosendo Cuyasen Jr. is the head of Eyewebmaster a web developing and SEO firm in the country. You can follow him on twitter@Eyewebmaster account, you can also like him to his Facebook account and Google + account.

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