How to Hide WP Contact Form7 from Contributor and Users

There are many ways how to hide Contact Form7 from any users. If you’re an admin and doesn’t want to let other users see your Contact Form7 in their admin I think this is a simple way how to hide a menu from your admin dashboard.

If you’re not really sure about this work I recommend to ask your developer otherwise you would mesh up your website.

Steps in removing your Contact Form7 from Contributors, Authors and other users.

1. Go to your FTP and access your plugin account for Contact Form 7. Definitely it is in  your domain > wp-content>plugin>contactform7>

2. Edit this file (wp-contact-form-7.php)

3. Now go to the line that shows the following images shown below:

Contact Form Hide from Contributor

4. Edit it to the following code “edit_post” to “edit_pages”. Please check the image below how it was edited.

Hide Contact Form from Users

Now if you’re done editing save and refresh your browsers. Check if you’re account is contributor or author you can’t see any Contact Form 7 in your dashboard but if you’re an admin definitely you can see in your dashboard.

We hope this simple tutorial would help you be more flexible in hiding and keeping your Contact Form 7 hide from Contributor and other users .

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