Evenbrite API WordPress Plugin Developed

What is Evenbrite?

Evenbrite is one of the most powerful tool for setting or conducting an event to collect or gather people in learning, getting to be inspired, get connected and many other purposes of the events. This tool can make the participants easier to enroll or participate in an even that is free or paid.  Eventbrite also provide API for developers in order to connect this program to their own website but you might probably need some developers to make this happen.

WordPress Developer Plugin Discovery

We have searched a plugin for this Eventbrite but unluckily you can’t find one that is available for you to use. This is a challenge for us but since we have developers we have created or developed an Evenbrite API add on a plugin to comply with our client requirements. The plugin that we have used and modify is provided by WPMU and it called event plus. We have used this event plugin and modify it to integrate Eventbrite API have a possibility to sync with Eventbrite user account.

We will show you what we have developed for the Evenbrite API WordPress plugin. You can actually see what we have developed in this Eventbrite demo site.

There are some code to be coded during our development in order to get the the real information for an Eventbrite account. Development was quite hard at first but we had successfully integrate this development inside WordPress admin dashboard until it works with our client requirements . Right now we don’t have yet sufficient development to make this plugin available into WordPress but we will soon be posting if it will be fully developed.

Event API Demo Plugin

API WordPress Plugin Development

This is the API setting where you can put the API account ID that Eventbrite will give you.

Event brite API WP dashboard

The Admin dashboard that you can see in your admin. We have added the Evenbrite where you can put your Eventbrite API.

Evenbrite WP plugin Widget

This is the result of our widget where we have called the Eventbrite Event that the client had registered into his Eventbrite Account.

Please let us know if you’re looking for this type of Eventbrite Plugin development and we can help you integrate this system into your site. Please fill up our Outsource WordPress Development form and we can give you a feedback as soon as we can.

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