HTML5 Polymer Tutorial

If you’re a developer, this type of information is very important to learn. This is another helpful tool if you’re creating some animation that are based on Polymer.

Polymer descriptive categories

    1. Native – are the base of html components where all web program are relying too.
    2. Foundation – it is based with mutation observers, pointer events, shadow DOM, custom elements, HTML Imports, Templete Bindin, Node.blind() and Web Animator
    3. Core – is compose of Java script and its filename is polymer.js
    4. Elements – a type of component which is based on the Polymer Elements and Polymer UI Elements
    5. Applications – (Pica) developers can use this Polymer to developed certain project.

Watching this video can help you understand more about this useful components for the web.

Eric Bidelman had explained some information on how to use this kind of component in the web. This can help you learn how to use this to a certain project. He also explained how you can use this tool to enhance and further improve your codes.

Has anyone ever developed a certain project like this? Please share your success story by leaving a comment. We would also love to hear additional ideas so our readers would benefit more from these informations.

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