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Basic SEO Training for Newbie

basic-seo training To become an SEO Specialist is a challenge because it’s hard to find schools or institutions that offer this course. Today these specialists around the world are still learning this skill through their own accumulated knowledge and abilities. We know that some of them were successful but to some they didn’t. Well we know that these skills can be acquired through reading informations about this or by just attending seminars or probably subscribing to a site that has a lot of experiences in optimizing a site, or lastly by getting certificates through professional trainings.

Now the question that are arising nowadays is why these people are acquiring this skill? Some reason could be the the following:
1. Business and personal needs can now be accessed through online.
2. Most people uses search engine to find what they are looking for.
3. Highly paid skills.
4. Can work at home.

With this information and great demands of technology we have planned to give free trainings to those people who are interested. There are many ways to learn and acquire this skill and we would like to share them with you. Below are the fundamentals and trainings for Search Engine Optimization.

Things to learn with our Basic SEO Training:

* How do search engine Works?

o Introduction to search engines
o Search spiders
o Links
o Indexing
o Ranking

* On Site Optimization

o What is on site optimization
o On site factors
o Keyword Research
o Meta tags
o Web Contents
o Images and alt tags
o Internal Links

* Off Site Optimization

o What is off site optimization
o Off site factors
o Links
o Anchor text
o Anchor title

* Search Engine Optimization Facts and Figures

o How important is Search Engine Optimization today?
o Search is still the biggest game in town
o How important is it to be on first page of SERPs

You can also check our SEO Expert Training Modules for some advance training course

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