Why Outsource

Scrum Master & Agile in the Philippines

In the Philippines scrum master are few and most of them are employed to a big company that has a group of developers. Most of the freelance company doesn’t still have scrum master since they only do project through personal or direct contact with the developers. Since this was usually[…]

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10 Web Outsourcing Firm and Companies in Cebu, Philippines

There are plenty of companies that arise in Cebu, Philippines. Some of them are already known and some are starting to be recognized. Now a day, companies prefer to outsource jobs. One example of businesses that outsourced is call centers. To help you understand this let us start with the[…]

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Why Outsource Webmasters and SEO’s in the Philippines

There are many reasons why you need to outsource the Philippines when it comes to website needs or any related online web marketing. We know that putting an online business is not easy and it requires lots of knowledge and skills so that you can bring your ideas and business[…]

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