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Scrum Master & Agile in the Philippines

In the Philippines scrum master are few and most of them are employed to a big company that has a group of developers. Most of the freelance company doesn’t still have scrum master since they only do project through personal or direct contact with the developers. Since this was usually[…]

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2 Top Web Developers in Asia for Outsourcing Companies

The Philippines and India may seem as competitors when it comes on holding the title as a perfect place for foreign outsourcing companies. But it should not be the case. Each country has factors that¬† make them equally ideal to be a destination for these outsourcing companies.¬† Some factors present[…]

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Start Outsourcing Your Business in the Philippines

Why Outsource in the Philippines Aside from the growing number of tourists visiting the Philippines for its tourist attractions, outsourcing businesses also spread throughout the country due to some of the factors that help them become successful as they are now today. Perhaps one of the growing industry in the[…]

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