Adding User Group in Ubuntu 14 Server

User group is very important in Ubuntu Server. When you want to add user group in Ubuntu version 14 this guide can help you.

Adding User Command in your Terminal:

adduser newuser

If you’re given the Sudo previlage you can actually add user by following this command:
sudo addusers newuser

Adding User in a Group

sudo adduser username groupname

In this command you need to add a group by using this command
sudo addgroup groupname

Granting Sudo Privilages for your users

If you want others would use Sudo command and you can set it by using this command


Find for the line that looks like this:
Below this line, copy the format you see here, changing only the word “root” to reference the new user that you would like to give sudo privileges to:
newuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Before using the following commands, please be responsible to understand the ramifications of creating and using a root-level account. Adding and creating user that can control the root access will result to a security compromised system or you may render your system COMPLETELY UNUSABLE.

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