2 Top Web Developers in Asia for Outsourcing Companies

The Philippines and India may seem as competitors when it comes on holding the title as a perfect place for foreign outsourcing companies. But it should not be the case. Each country has factors that  make them equally ideal to be a destination for these outsourcing companies.  Some factors present in one country might undermine the other, but there are still factors in the latter that when checked might surpass the other.

Here, we will be placing some of the factors that make these two countries individually unique to be an area for outsourcing companies.

India Outsourcing

India has a total population of 1.2 billion people and from it, 3.1 million graduates are added to the potential workforce each year! The country is also considered as the largest English speaking nation in the world, even larger if US and UK are combined. Outsourcing in India will take the BPO owner to adjust his rules and regulations to meet the demands of the large workforce. Explaining how the business is conducted in India, an article from Asia New Zealand Foundation stated, “Indian business people can be tough negotiators and will often expect a high level of commitment when it comes to backing up a product or service offering. The way business is conducted in India can be less formal than in other parts of Asia, but foreign business people will find that they are expected to enjoy India and participate in its social life and the family life of business partners”.  These workforce can be paid for as low as $15 per hour. This pricing flexibility allows companies the chance and knowledge how to manage their budget which in turn will help them gain more profits.

Philippine Outsourcing

The Philippines, on the other  hand, is also producing a quality graduates who already had an expertise in creative design, multimedia arts, freehand drawing, animation – all coupled with communication skills!  The Philippine people speaks a distinguished English in a neutral accent making them easily understood by the foreign customers. Given this condition, the country is one of the choice among major countriess for telecommunications, finance, accounting and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, and most especially in technology related industries. The Filipinos are service-oriented, creative, flexible, professional and hard working.

Government units from both countries place a great care to BPO sectors. The government of India has offered its support to the IT industry by providing various tax-related benefits and by enacting the Information Technology Act, which recognizes electronic contracts, bars cybercrime, and supports e-filing of documents. Likewise, the Philippine government has set up a special economic zones and furthermore established a Philippine Economic Zone Authority and grant fiscal and non-fiscal incentives such as an income tax holiday of 4-to 8-years to BPO players.

Web Developers in Asia

All of the companies, including those outsourcing ones, are individually different. Their rules and objectives will never favor one country alone. Some might choose the other  while the rest might prefer the alternative.

India is a well known country for its culture who are willing to sacrifice to learn the technology. This is the reason why India is a well known website system developer and integrator that had sold many programs in the world wide web which earns thousand of dollars.

Philippines on the other hand is known to have a different culture and belief where they love to see things differently and learn to act on what they have learned. Filipino skills has influenced many people all around the world especially when it comes to graphic designs and web development. As of now they are starting to build their own successes by learning and interacting with the technology.

About The Author: Romulo Natural have experience in journalism, especially in photojournalism, copyreading and headline writing. Working as a content developer in Eyewebmaster, clerk and a travel secretary for a non profit service organization.

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