What is Online Marketing by Vocus – Why Outsource

Vocus Logo - MarketingAs I was scrolling up messages in my email, I encountered an invitation from Vocus (leading PR and Online Marketing Strategies) to fill up information on their form and have the chance to receive $25 bonus in Amazon.  I’ve filled up the necessary information and clicked submit. I also got curious about their blog and read some of the contents they have, but my attention was caught by their most viewed post entitled “What is Marketing”. I clicked it and read, watched and learned how they explain “What is Marketing”.

You can watch these successful people from different companies explain Marketing.

I’m thinking of putting a comment on that page, but I didn’t because I could probably share more ideas in making a post here in my blog, and so I did.  Marketing is very essential to every business industry and I believe that if you have the right information, you can succeed in marketing certain products or services. In the video that was given in this post, I would like to rewrite what Mrs. Karen Bartleson says about marketing. She said that marketing is where you sit down with your customer and talk about his/her wants and show them how you can be able to help them. With this phrase that this lady had given, talking to someone in person is more effective rather than communicating through email or in a chat.

That is why if you’re planning to outsource your marketing, it will be better to communicate with them in person using tools like “Skype” or “Google Hangout”. This will enable you to discuss the things that you want to do, and how they can help you especially if you want to run your online marketing campaign or ads to them. Good communication eliminates doubt and fear.

With Vocus and other contributor who have help explained the term, marketing has indeed shared a significant lessons to all the marketers in the internet.

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