New Coca Cola Ads using Start Up Couple

Best Coca Cola AdsThis ad is the coolest ad that you can ever watch. It reflects real situations in life especially for the new couples that bring kids into the world. The ad is created by Santo Buenos Aires and directed by Pucho Mentasti from Argentina.

Naturally, some expressions in this video are real, but you can see how they made it with a good sense of humor to promote Coca Cola product in it. You can look at the emotions of their faces while they journey towards raising up a family.

What can you get from this ad?

For businessmen it will give you ideas on how you would make some ads that reflect real situation in life. If this happens, your ads will go viral through the social media.

For individuals who are starting to promote new products into the market, this ad can be applicable too. You can choose real-life situations and start making a video. There are many videographers and video editors whom you can hire to make your ads show exact scenes that you want to portrait.

The best way to upload your video ads is in Youtube. If you have an account with Google, I recommend you to use it. But if you’re establishing a brand name, it is much better to use the account of that brand to make it more professional.

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