5 Reasons Why Miami Win with Spurs at Game 6 – Ads/PPV

NBA Miami and Spurs Game 6 ScoreWatching the NBA of game six(6) between Miami and Spurs is a tremendous heat for everyone. There are many people who conclude that Spurs is going to win and others are loosing hope and thought that Miami would be defeated during the final quarter of the game. In the meantime Miami worked hard to get a foul with Spurs until they were able to make it to a tie score resulted for an overtime. Miami did a great job in the overtime. Parker wasn’t able to position himself during that overtime game. That is why his coach had let him rest until the game was finished.

There are many reasons why Miami win the game some reason are the ff:

  1. Miami team is consistent in their defense.
  2. Miami continued to make plans even Wade was somewhat injured.
  3. Lebron plays more minutes than any other player in the game thus having him score for 32 points.
  4. Spurs missis a lot of free throws.
  5. Danny Green only scores 3 points.

There are many people think that this game led to Game 7 because of  reasons like ads, pay per view (PPV) and other money matters.  Anyway we are looking forward for the final game of NBA with these two teams.

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