Guest Blogging for SEO is Dead

There are many rumors out there about Guest Blogging — they say its dead. Then I wonder, why don’t bloggers have the opportunity to share their thoughts in others’, like ours, blog just because Google would take them down? Questions arose, so I did some quick internet research to understand[…]

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How Google Place Help Your Business Grow in the Philippines

The Philippines is marked by streets and cities when it comes to location. There are streets and places with the same name as of other cities also. These might concern you as a business owner here in the Philippines. Wondering how your office will be seen by your desired customers?[…]

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2013 New Google’s Penguin 2.0 Features

Google previously released its new generation of Penguin webspam algorithm which they internally refer as Penguin 2.0. Penguin 2.0 is committed to preventing black hat webspams. Throughout the years, as search engine improved, there were also lots of black hats spamming reported. Google’s quality guidelines were violated by these black hats[…]

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