Cebu Product Support Specialist Job

CLIENT:  Certain, Inc.   Position Summary: This support position is responsible for handling incoming and outgoing service related calls (both phone and web support). This role is a solution based position focused on problem solving software related issues. This position requires strong verbal communication skills and consultative customer focus with[…]

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Philippines Graphic Design Specialist – Hiring

Philippines graphics designer - Outsourcing

The company is a prestigious leading company who recognize women in business through national and local award ceremonies, seeks an ambitious, focused, and ultra-professional Graphic Designer. Ideally the Graphic Designer will have a thorough understanding of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Video editing and Adobe After Effects. The successful candidate will be[…]

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Hiring WordPress Developers – Home Based

WordPress is a known Content Management System (CMS) that is used by many businesses all around the globe. Eyewebmaster believes that some Filipinos are  now engaging in programming, particularly with WordPress Design, WordPress Development, and many more. Since the demand is great, we are hiring people who are capable of[…]

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10 Things that Email Marketers Can Do to be Successful

Email Marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to inform people about brands, products, and services. Email system is invented to hasten the transfer of information from one to another digitally. Internet is the main requirement for this email system. This is the reason why many people[…]

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3 Things for Online Influencer by Ashton Kutcher

As I was scrolling my social media account in Facebook, I encountered a very unusual post that attracted my attention. In the wall of our Facebook account, there are so many friends’ updates that are mostly useless that your wall changes so fast you sometimes lose track of some important[…]

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2 Essential Tips for New Freelancers at Elance

I have experiences on Elance for quite some time. I tried several attempts to use the platform to start my own freelance business. I have some knowledge in SEO, been practicing it for a living, but my efforts to make it into a profitable gig with Elance didn’t start right[…]

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