Is Multiple Linking a Good Strategy in Ranking Onsite PR

seo-content-copywritingMany businesses today are looking for ways to get PR (Pagerank) because many SEO specialists say that this would help them increase their ranking or trust in the search engines. But what are the best practices that should be considered while doing this task? I have attached here a video that might give you better understanding about building multiple links to your website page and pages.

Do multiple links from page to another page count?

The problem being raised in this video is a bit about PageRank sculpting, according to Matt Cutts.

He explained that in the original formulation of page ranking started by Larry Page is that when you have four outlinks from page A what happen to the PageRank on page A will be divided by four and the PageRank will flow equally across each one of those links. Other information that was shared here is not that really important. The most important thing that you should know is how you can increase your PageRank through effective ways.

Matt Cutts encouraged the people to concentrate on the content and proper website navigation. It is more effective to make great content so that a lot of people will link to it and getting more links will help improve your PageRank. He also suggests to escalate links that are important for your site.

Another piece of an advice especially if you have created a very good content is to navigate social buttons into your website. This will enable users to easily share this information to other people to whom they are connected with.

We hope that this article can help you understand how you can increase the PR of your pages. Please don’t forget to share it to others.


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  1. Marko Ivanovic - December 26, 2012 5:16 pm

    That’s why webmasters put “nofollow” on theys outbound link, to don’t spend link juice… as i’m done on my page all outbound links I was put on “nofollow” attribute.