Cloaking in the Web – Internet Deception

Cloaking is one of the major concerns for the search engines and they are strict on this part particularly to Google algorithm. If you received an email from the search engine telling  or showing something like this below, then you should need to be informed and learn what you should do to preserve your reputation and rankings in the search engines.

“Google has detected that some of your pages may contain hidden text or cloaking, techniques that are outside our Webmaster Guidelines.”

What is cloaking

Cloaking is a way of deceiving the search engine by feeding the search engine the wrong information of your website meta tags pages. It means that your web content on your pages are not relevant to what the search engine crawlers are getting.

This video and article will explain to you some few important things to learn from.

In the video Matt Cutts explain basic and simple way to avoid cloaking in the search engines.

For me there are simple rules that we could follow to avoid the Cloaking in our website.
1. Learn how to write effective contents for your users.
2. Put proper information in your meta tags(Titles, Meta Descriptions and keywords)
3. Make sure that what you feed to the Crawlers are properly optimized. You can ask our local SEO specialist if you are not sure about this.

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