Android Application Summary by Google C2DM

While reading the article that Google brought up regarding Android mobile application, I’m quite intrigued and became more eager to learn more about this. Upon reviewing this application, Eye webmaster would like to share some summary and overview about this.

Google has brought out again an amazing information regarding the new technology to comply the demands of users who uses their mobile as a tool to communicate, check their emails, browse informations online in a convenient way and involve in many social network where they can send messages and share whatever they have.

With this demand and innovation for mobiles, Google has come up with a solution and brought out an application that could be useful to help mobile users. This application is called “Android”. Its application and operating system is based on Linux application and it was developed long time ago. Google has bought this application last 2005 and made a lot of innovations until they had come up to a better operating system and application for mobile which they called Android 2.2 version.

Google Android Logo

Google Android Logo

With this new Google application for mobile we can be able to do the following:
1. We can browse the internet using Google Chrome.
2. Check our emails. (By the way there are many applications you can use if you have an account in Google.)
3. Make a better way to organize profile pictures and messages.
4. Play Music and different kinds of videos.
5. Can support video calls.
6. Support Google TV.
7. Support higher screen resolutions.
8. Support USB and Wifi Connections.
9. Faster application executions.
10. Can support 3D Games

We have seen many great articles and reviews regarding Android application. We’ve seen many people who are using and had used this application who had given positive feedbacks. This operating system for mobile is a hot topic around the world. Android users and future users would really appreciate this application in their mobile.

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