Search Engine Optimization Simple Process

Search Engine Optimization Process

There are many information about SEO process. You can use the search engine to find how to learn optimization process. What we have here are the simple instruction or tips on how you can start optimizing website pages or posts. By doing this we know that the search engine will easily crawl your contents and potentially rank it in their search results.

Publishing information in the internet is easy as long as you are familiarized with the process.

Here are the simple search engine optimization process.

1. Optimize your page or post titles.

2. Setup, code or install a plugin that will help your Title and Description be customized.

3. Write informative content that readers can be benefit and share it to their friends. Maybe they can give a review to what you have written in their own blog which is also good for your website reputation.

4. Always update your xml. If you’re using WordPress CMS it will automatically update.

5. Setup an authorship in your headers using a legitimate Google account. This will give better opportunity for search engine to rank a publish information page or post into the search engine.

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