SEO 2020 Tips by Brian Dean

Nowadays we all want to rank in the search engine particularly with Google. I’ve searched some few updates about Google and I think what Brian discuss in his video mean a lot to many SEO specialists especially in our local society.

Because I want to write about this information in word rather video. We’ve create a content for us to identify which tips we are going to do this year 2020.

Brian has created many contents that are ranking in the search engines and I believe he is now contributing some vital information to many SEO specialist on what they can do now.

SEO TIPS for 2020

Find an Opportunity Keyword

  • It is a regular keyword but better – Remember the ads showing up with your search result, featured snippet, question box and news result.
  • Opportunity keywords have a high organic CTR (click-through-rate)

Content Competition

  • When you do a search query in the search engine, analyzed the keywords that your competitors are using and then check the search results where you can write content that could be more meaningful, helpful, and better for online searchers. This will lead to other steps in SEO.

Create a Content that’s Different or Better

  • Option one is to create something different
    • The header could be unique than the others
    • The pictures might have different ways to let readers understand your content.
  • Option two is to create something better
    • When you see a lot of content that people do try to see how you can write a content that is more better and useful for online users.
    • Try to check this in 6 weeks to test if your content is getter better.

Add your Hook

It is an advance SEO strategy – How people link your content to their own.

The questions that might come to you are the following:

  • Why people link to the content of your industry?
    • How you can include that hook in your on-page of your site.
    • Create new stuff that others can link to it or share.
    • Create content that could be the ultimate guide.
  • Include Case Studies in your content
    • Write and feature one specific result in your study.
    • People can share this information which makes a good hook for your site.

On-Page-SEO Optimized your Site

  • Make sure your new URL is short and sweet – Search engine has easier way to access your short url than the long one.
  • Internal links are important but it needs to be done right.
  • Search Intent – Google can rank your content as long as it can also match to their search intent.

Content Design

  • Design can make or break your SEO
    • Make sure your content is organized and easy to understand or they can easily exit to your page and find other content.
      • Images are placed into its order
      • Screenshots could be used to show data.
      • Create post banners and place it to the top
      • Use the chart and Visual – This will help users understand complicated information from your content.

Build Back-links

Build now your back-links through roadshow.

  • You can email people whom you know and inform them about your article.
  • Use a “Broken link building” which means if they have an article that can be linked to what you have written, then email this blogger to link that keyword phrase to your content.
  • Allow people to make comments and reply to their comments.

These are the ways you can learn so far with Brian and I’m happy for his shared thoughts about this SEO 2020.

About The Author: Rosendo Cuyasen Jr. is the head of Eyewebmaster a web developing and SEO firm in the country. You can follow him on twitter@Eyewebmaster account, you can also like him to his Facebook account and Google + account.

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