Search Engine Guidelines Summary (Google, Bing)

SEO Guidelines - Google and Bing Guidelines SEO PolicySearch engines are always bringing up some bad news to the spammer and good news to the online searcher. Many users today use the search engine from their own devices to get quicker information about what they want. As we all know that Google has the highest rate of usage in search because it provides better and more relevant result to the users. Although there are some ads showing up on screen but still organic search result are provided. Those who have optimized their website and had built good reputation have greater ranking opportunities to be found on the top of search results.

Now most of us is trying to guess how to build reputation online or how to get website pages rank in the search engine. Maybe some of us are not quite sure about this matter. We hope that these guidelines that we are sharing can help you. You can actually search the web and answers can be found online but in this article we will try to figure the best summarized information on how you can build your reputation online through the guidelines set by the search engines.

These are the search engine guidelines summary:

Google Search Engine Guidelines

In Google you should understand the basic guidelines and other guidelines set by this search engine.
1. Create unique title.
2. Make use of the Description for each of your page.
3. Make sure you have good structure on your URLs.
4. Make your website easier to navigate.
5. Offer quality content and services.
6. Write better anchor text.
7. Optimize your images.
8. Use heading tag appropriately.
9. Create a Robot.txt and make use of them properly.
10. Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links.
11. Notify Google of mobile sites.
12. Guide mobile users accurately.
13. Promote your website in the right ways
14. Make use of free webmaster tools

To learn more about the details if this information you can be able to check this Starter Google Guidelines. You can visit Google Guidelines Update Blog so that you can be able to learn more about their latest Updates.

Bing Search Engine Guidelines

Bing Search Engine is actually a joined program with Yahoo. If you want to rank your website pages with Yahoo and Bing, this Bing Search Engine Guidelines can help you. These guidelines are very similar to the guidelines set by Google.

1. Make quality Content
2. Links – Make sure that when you are linking this links are trusted.
3. Social Influence and Connections
4. Indexing

a) Page Load Time – Faster website pages can give better advantages in the search engine.
b) Robots.txt
c) Sitemap
d) Site technology
e) Redirect
f) Canonical Tags

5. Search Engine Optimization

a) Title
b) Meta Description
c) Alt Attributes
d) Highlighted Tag (h1)
e) Internal Links
f) Links to external sources
g) Social sharing
h) Crawlability – compose of xml sitemaps, navigational structure, rich media cautions, graceful degradation, URL structure, robots.txt and others
i) Site structure – links, URL structure and keyword usage, clean URL, content hierarchy, and global navigation
j) Rich media warning
k) On page – compose of head copy, body copy, anchor text, content, and links.

6. Things to Avoid

a) Cloaking
b) Link schemes, link buying, & link spamming
c) Social Media schemes.
d) Meta refresh redirect
e) Duplicate content
f) Keyword Stuffing


To learn more about the details of Bing Search Engine Guidelines

Learning the guidelines and updates of the search engines will give you knowledge on how to build good reputation online. You can use a free tool provided by Google or Bing in their webmaster to monitor traffic in your website pages. You can be able to track organic search result, referral or other source of traffic. You can also check your backlinks which are connecting or giving referrals to you.

Note: Make sure that when you check a backlink of a website see if there are links that are not giving good reputation. Try to make use of the tool provided by the search engine to devalue those links. This will help your website get better reputation online.

We hope that this Search Engine Guidelines that is summarized will help you in your optimization. If there are add on on this site please don’t hesitate to give comments below.

About The Author: Rosendo Cuyasen Jr. is the head of Eyewebmaster a web developing and SEO firm in the country. You can follow him on twitter@Eyewebmaster account, you can also like him to his Facebook account and Google + account.

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