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Philippine Directory - Business DirectoryWhen you are building reputation for your websites, you need to understand that submitting your profile and other necessary information about your business to online directories are still important.

One best way when you’re building a local reputation for your business online is to do them locally. Based on our experience, we have realized that it is easier to build your online reputation locally rather doing it internationally.

These are the top 10 Philippines Online Directory that you can use.

  1. – This directory site was created on 26 of April 2006
  2. –  This directory site was created on the 26 of June 2011
  3. –  This directory site was created on the 3rd of May 2011
  4. – This directory site is a new site created on 4th of Feb 2016
  5.  – This directory site is created on 30th of May 2007
  6. – This directory site was registered on the 20th of Feb 2003
  7. –  This directory site was created 15 of January 2015
  8. – This directory site was created on 8th of Feb 2007
  9. – This site was created on the 29 of July 2013
  10. – This Philippines Cities site was created last 3rd of January 2013

I believe that these sites will stay longer especially if these directory will increase their listings.


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