Quality Content Writing for SEO

content-is-king-bill-gates I’ve been reading about the subject of CONTENT writing and its relevance to search engine optimization or SEO for the past few days now. There’s a lot of material out there and when i say a lot, i mean a lot! I’m writing this article in order to summarize and simplify the things that I’ve come across about creating quality content.

People engage in SEO to get higher rankings in google or other search engines.To get higher ranking you need to have QUALITY CONTENT or information that people need. The better and more accurate your information, the more chances of getting higher ranking. The higher your ranking, the more chances of people visiting your website vice-versa. Here we will discuss four key points to consider when creating quality content:


Your content must be relevant to your business. Do not confuse yourself and especially your customers. If you are a fast food restaurant business then don’t put content about cars. You will lose your audience this way because of the lack of consistency.


You must have the most accurate and genuine information that you can get your hands on to. The flood of information on the internet means that a lot of mis-information is also afloat. Your audience is looking for credibility but at the same time you must avoid being biased. People don’t want to be told that your product is the best. They want to know all there is to know about your product and then, make an educated decision if your product is the best for them. Shoving it down their throats will backfire eventually.


You must know how to relate to your audience. Be creative and don’t limit yourself! Try different things like using videos, pictures, animation, witty humor, infographics, etc.. People are emotional beings and they will connect to you better if your content has a soul.


Please, please, please check for spelling, grammar or formatting errors. These can really turn off your readers quickly. Do not be afraid of becoming a perfectionist when it comes to your content. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask help from someone, most probably an editor if you know one. For a basic SEO training outline check the link!

About The Author: Jared Jules Viray is an SEO specialist forEyewebmaster. He has a vast experience in sales and marketing through the various Multi-level Marketing companies that he has been involved with. Coupled with his two year experience as technical support for two BPO companies. He is creating a name in the web development and e-commerce industry. Follow him on twitter.

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