How to Write Readable Contents

Part of the things to be considered when optimizing a website is the need to write and provide great contents. Great contents are what the readers look for and what the computer usually presents to the viewers in the Search Engine.

Some of the bloggers and website owners are focusing more on how to make their contents readable by the viewers of their sites. Even though this is important, but this is not the end point of what we all want to happen. Honestly, this is not enough because this is only the beginning.

In order for a content to be readable, aside from being liked by the viewers of the site, it also has to be easily read by the computer or by the search engine crawlers. There are various optimization tactics that once applied to your website will definitely make it readable by the computer and by the readers.

A blog by Rick DeJarnette entitled “What is the Secret Sauce in Good Content?”  shared certain points a website owner and writer must remember and do to present a very compelling and interesting content.

html title h1 tagsOne of those is writing on-page metadata, also known as “content about the content on the page”. This has to do with writing valuable and optimized text for <title> and <meta> description tags. These description tags are usually used by the search engine in determining the lists to be put on its result pages. For those first time optimizers, the <title> text is the one with blue-link text while the <meta> description text serves as the descriptive snippet beneath the blue link text.

The <h1> tags and <img> alt text should also be optimized. The <h1> is the on-page headline for the entire page, while the <img> alt text is where you can put the definition of the image in text form.

These <title>, <h1> and <img> alt texts are valued by search engines as high quality sources for defining keywords for the page; as such, your contents will mostly be read by the crawlers and also by your desired readers.

Mastering these tactics will bring to your site numerous positive outcomes such as making your readers want to link your contents to other readers, generating a more possibility for them to gain access to your site; and compels people to buy something on the site, download a document, write a review or an endorsement about your site, generate a Like on your Facebook page, and submit their email address to subscribe for a periodic newsletter from your website.

About The Author: Romulo Natural have experience in journalism, especially in photojournalism, copyreading and headline writing. Working as a content developer in Eyewebmaster, clerk and a travel secretary for a non profit service organization.

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