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Hotel SEO Specialist - Seda Abreeza HotelIf you are reading this article there is a huge possibility that you are the head of Marketing for your hotel or you could be the owner of the hotel or you could just be a fan of mine and you have nothing to do with hotels! whoever you are, this article will help you know how this marketing technique called SEO or search engine optimization can boost sales and skyrocket your revenues! this can be applied to any kind of business as long as you already have a website.

Search Engine Optimization for Hotels is the Trend out there!

Recent studies shows that 94% of consumers or businesses search the internet before buying a product. The internet has provided us a hassle free way of canvassing what to buy and what not buy or rather to be more accurate, we are looking for what others are buying and what others are not buying. Search engines play a very important role in this process of canvassing for products. Whenever you are looking for a product or service in the internet you usually go to google or bing and you type a keyword of what you are looking for. If a customer is looking for the best hotels in Las Vegas, google will show the top ten or top fifteen results in the first page. Only very few consumers go beyond the first page and majority of the time the top four search results gets picked by these customers. how often do you scroll down to the bottom of the search results? when was the last time you went to the second page? third page?

Hotels are Going Organic

Hotel SEO OrganicMajority of consumers out there do not trust paid advertisements. this means that a business or an entity pays google or bing to put their website on top of the search results. These paid ads costs a lot of money! A Lot of hotels and businesses turn to the organic way of getting higher ranking in the search results. SEO is the organic way! It is organizing your website to fit the criteria that search engines use in considering ranking in the search results.Search engine criterias are ever changing so there is no such thing as one time SEO, as long as your website exists then you must continually update your system and make sure that you hit the required criterias in order to get higher rankings. Search engine optimization is not as expensive as paid ads and if you know how to do it yourself (by the way, with proper training and research you should be able to do it) then time and knowledge are the only investments.

When do we Start Optimization of your Hotel?

The answer is now! ever heard of the saying that time is money? every hour, every minute and every second you are losing potential customers because you are not doing seo, and what’s worse is you are not just losing them but you are losing them to the next guy, your competitors!

Starting is easy! First, you need to invest in research and training. You can find a lot of resources and training materials on the internet. if you prefer hands on step by step training there are numerous SEO companies or outsource SEO specialists that are willing to give these trainings to you and your hotel staff. Second, practice a lot! anyone can learn SEO but like any other task, no one becomes an expert without practice. Your goal is to make sure that you have a solid understanding to formulate a solid SEO technique. Most companies in the US hire an employee specializing only on seo or they pay an seo company to maintain it for them. If you wanna know more about seo? Then read this basic SEO article.

About The Author: Jared Jules Viray is an SEO specialist forEyewebmaster. He has a vast experience in sales and marketing through the various Multi-level Marketing companies that he has been involved with. Coupled with his two year experience as technical support for two BPO companies. He is creating a name in the web development and e-commerce industry. Follow him on twitter.

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