Guest Blogging for SEO is Dead

guest blogging is deadThere are many rumors out there about Guest Blogging — they say its dead. Then I wonder, why don’t bloggers have the opportunity to share their thoughts in others’, like ours, blog just because Google would take them down? Questions arose, so I did some quick internet research to understand the matter.

I know some of you had received a spam email that offers to post an article in your website; I received one, too. It is written there that the articles would be related to my contents, that the articles would be properly written, 100% original, relevant to our audience, and exclusive to our website. I was suspicious, so I ignored the offer.

Later, I’ve come across an article saying that blogging is dead. I redirected myself in reading the blog of Matt Cutts with regard to “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO” which was recently posted last January 20, 2014. Now I’ve realized that those are the reasons why somebody would want to guest post in my blog.

What can we learn from this article? One of the main reasons can be found in this video of Matt Cutts.

This video points out the distinction between high-quality guest posts and spammer guest blog post.

Another reason why Google will take action against a spam guest blogging activity.

This is the proper way to do guest blogging:
Matt Cutts focuses on the importance of low-quality/spam guest posting and guest articles just to get links. This is really not a good idea in building a good reputation for your business. Learn more about him so that you can avoid being penalized by Google.

What should you be aware of if you’re doing guest blogging?

I’ve concluded that guest blogging would be ruined if somebody would abuse it through posting poor content to other websites just to gather links. I suggest that if you want to build a brand in the internet, or build your online reputation, it would be better if you create or write proper information for your profile, product, and services, and post it in your blog where people could share that information into their social media accounts, or maybe other readers can write a review in their blog. I know that writing proper and good articles for your website would require skills.  If you have the talent, always write a creative, useful, and good content. If you’re not sure on this, why not outsource article writers that can write and edit articles to make good content?  Having quality contents will definitely give a better impact to your online reputation.

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