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SEO - Webmaster Tool These tools are very important when it comes to SEO reporting. Most of these tools are commonly used by freelance SEO professionals. With these tools they can correspond to other paid SEO softwares that are available online.
These are all free tools that you can use so that you can be able to know what you should do to optimize a website. If you want to have a full access with these tool you can subscribe to them and we know that it is worth the price if you have these tools in the process of your website optimization.

1. General SEO Tools

  • PR/SE/link/stats, Website Analyzer, Meta Tag Analyzer, Content Analysis, Accessibility (Check-Domain)
  • Domain Servers Status (Whois SC) – Determine how many domains are hosted into the server. It will show some simple SEO relevancy for your meta title and description for your main landing page.
  • Wayback Machine – If you are working to promote branding and visibility one thing to consider is to analyzed the history of the site.  Using this tool you can track back the history of a certain site if its relevant and didn’t have problems in the past.

2. Keyword Analysis

  • Keywords Ads Prices Spy Fu – This tool can easily show you an advertising cost especially when you want to promote your an ads to Google search engines.
  • SEO Book – One good source of SEO training and free keyword analysis. It shows a daily statistics of a certain keyword for the search engines.
  • SEMRUSH – one of the best tool for you to identify keyword advertising cost and organic keywords that drives traffic to a website pages.

3. Rankings Tools:

  • Alexa Tools – General analysis of your website presence in the internet. They also offer a paid statistical overview of your a website optimization.
  • Google PR Check – This can check your Google ranking for a predetermined keyword in their search results.
  • Mozrank –  Paid SEO tool that can guide you in your optimization.
  • SERP Checker – Easy SEO Tracking for Google SERP

4. Competitor Analysis

  • Domain Tools – Can help you determine your competitor is simple ways.

5. Html Validations

  • W3 Validation Checker – This can help you validate your website error pages.
  • Broken Links –
  • Meta Data –

6. Website Speed Checker

  • Web Page Test Checker – This can determine the speed of your site and how you can improve them to provide better services to your potential online client.

7. Link

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