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SEO Copy WritingThere are lots who get confused with Copyright and Copy writing. They might ask the difference between Copyright and Copy writing.

Well, to make things clear here are some points about Copy writing and Copyright.

What is a Copyright?

Copyright is a law that defends the rights of the creator to their original works. It protects the works of others from being used without their permission. This is available for published and non-published works.

These are rights of an owner:

  1. Right to reproduce their own work
  2. Right to distribute copies
  3. Right to display work in public
  4. Right to perform the work.

What is Copy writing?

Copy writing is the act of writing words. It is usually done when there is a product, business, person, idea and etc, to be endorsed.

Things to consider in Copy writing

  1. Persuasive – It is important to make the audience believe in what you are writing.
  2. Interesting – In writing consider your readers that their attention will focus on your work.
  3. Informative – Let your readers learn a lot and make sure that it is applicable in their live.
  4. Understandable – Explain ideas in simple words so that it would be easy to comprehend.

Now that you know the difference between Copyright and Copy writing we can go to the main topic of this article.

This will focused on Article Copy writing in SEO

What is SEO Copy Writing?

SEO Copy Writing is a technique of writing content for web pages. It should be comprehensible to the audience and it should be informative enough. It is also necessary to target specific search terms.

To help you understand more about this, I will touch some points in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process to make a website obtain a high ranking position in search engines. In order to do this a website should have a reliable content. This can actually help a website gain a high reputation.

It is important to have a content that creates meaning to the audience. This is a thing to remember in SEO. Content can create a great impact in making a high PageRank.

Now that you already have an idea about SEO, you can now say that Copy writing is important in SEO.

What to consider in SEO Copy writing?

  1. Use appropriate words – When writing an article make sure to use words that are relevant to your topic. Be vigilant in choosing your words.
  2. Meaningful Content – Make sure to write content that can help and can inspire the readers.
  3. Reliable – The writings should be true so that the readers will trust you.

Main Target of SEO Copy writing

The main target of SEO Copy writing is to give your best to the readers so that they will engage. It is important to deliver the message to the readers that they can understand your thoughts or ideas.

Importance of SEO Copy writing

SEO copy writing will not only produce content that is written for search engine but information that gets responses to your audience.

  • This can help improve your ranking – You should be smart and convince your visitors to patronize your site and have business with you. When you already established a high reputation online your rankings may rise.
  • In a website you can mostly see a lot of articles. That is why it is important to learn about SEO Copy writing. A website will not be complete if articles are missing. There is a need to focus on the content of your article. Make an article that can inspire others and that are applicable to everybody.


Just want to give few advices. Learn to develop your communication skills so that when you engage in SEO Article Copy, you can make content that can touch ones heart. It is a great accomplishment if you are able to let a reader understand and remember your work.

In a SEO it mainly focuses on how to make your website rank high, but remember if you have the passion in writing you can surely make an article that is meaningful to everyone. You cannot only get a high ranking of your page but you were also able make mark in the lives of others.

Apply what you have learned and practice a lot in Copy writing so that one day you will be able to uplift one’s life.

About The Author: Sheila Abello is into mass communication and sooner be a journalist. Web content developer and provider for Eyewebmaster. She can be found on Twitter as @abellosheila Twitter. Google plus as Sheila Abello.

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