Manila SEO Job Specialist

Quite interesting to know how Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is important in personal and business establishment. We know that technology is innovating very fast and internet access is now common to every business establishment and household around the world. We have to understand that these aspect of changes relating to personal and business websites are very important. These demands exist in every business that has websites. Today every business establishments are innovating by creating and developing interactive websites which would help them improve their business potential income and marketing. Skills like SEO specialist, web developer and designer are now very important due to the demands of the said technology which was identified in this rising generation. In this article SEO job tasks were discuss what should they do in these trend of technology especially if you hire SEO in Manila, Philippines.

Manila SEO Specialist Task

1. To know and understand the power of the search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc)

2. To be able to create content in the web

a. Be able to know SEO Copy-writing
b. Keyword research

3. To know how to do On-site and Off-site SEO

a. SEO Integration – Main page to be optimized, Meta tags, SEO ready, information architecture
b. Site Popularity – Social Network, Directory Submission, Search Engine Submission, public relation
c. SEO tools – how to use and find tools for the optimization.
d. Link Building – Building valuable link to others and choosing those website that has a good page rank in Google.

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