LDS SEO Specialist – Avinash Kaushik Recognized their Works

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lds-seo-specialistWith this information Avinash had cited a very good example on how to set tag clouds to help visualize tons of keywords for certain companies or institutions. One specific example he mentioned is about LDS or the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints to be specific. Avinash had given encouragement to the SEO or search marketers that they can learn a lot from the SEO work that the LDS church has done in their website. In his SES interview that was held in a prestigious place he also discussed about how SEO provides help to the economic value for businesses that are engaging with online industry.

LDS website is practicing SEO by Avinash Kaushik

Who is the Head SEO specialist of LDS (Mormon)

According to Claye Stokes – SEO director of LDS
Their main technique and focus is on producing and releasing high-quality content.


“The church doesn’t need to worry about link building because they produce quality content,” said Stokes. “The high quality content makes their members want to link to the content in a natural way.”


“The church has been doing very well with general, high-traffic keywords such as ‘church’ and ‘Jesus Christ,’” said Scoville. “However, the church needs to work on niche keywords, especially those words that are outside the Mormon vocabulary. One example of this is LDS members saying ‘LDS garments.’ But those outside the church say ‘Mormon underwear.’ A search for Mormon underwear doesn’t show a single result from or in the top 10 results. This is an issue that clearly needs to be addressed.”


Stokes recommended the LDS Church emphasize the importance of search engine optimization to the highest levels of the organization and get leaders to create quality content that can be posted online. He also recommended that the church ask its members to share the content on their social networks to gain links and social media interaction.


LDS SEO specialist
Eyewebmaster workers are LDS and we are glad that the work of Claye Stokes are recognized by Avinash. With this information we have realized how LDS SEO’s is organized to do tag clouds to visualized tons of keywords for a certain site.

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