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About Kony

Kony 2012 LogoAs the most part of the world is so quiet, peaceful, undisturbed by strife and turmoil, there is this one place that is in deep distress and disturbance. It is Uganda. Many people may not have heard of this but it is now spreading worldwide through the internet. The purpose of this article is to educate the more part of the internet world about what is happening to this country and to show an open support for the movements organized against terrorism and child trafficking.


In 1961, a certain man named Joseph Kony was born to Luizi Obol and Nora in a village east of Gulu in Northern Uganda. Joseph enjoyed being with his siblings but will take a retributory action during disputes which will lead to physical violence. He worked as an altar boy but suddenly stopped going to church at the age fifteen and also dropped out of school.

What does he do?

In April 1, 1987, Kony first moved away from his home together with a small group of followers. He then met with a small group of former soldiers from the Black Battalion of the Uganda National Liberation Front (UNLR) and recruited them to his group. They originally called their group as the United Holy Salvation Army (UHSA).


The National Resistance Army (NRA), another group of rebels, being intimidated by the strength of the UHSA force, decided to make political actions and a military campaign, named Operation North, to weaken the UHSA. The operation was extremely wreaking to the UHSA and their number was reduced from thousands to hundreds.


Because of the diminishing number of the UHSA, Kony increased his armies in a manner that no sane people would like. He abducted Ugandan children and forced them to join his army. When abducting, Kony together with his army, would kill the families of these children as well as their neighbors, thus leaving the children with little choice, or no choice at all, but to fight for him. He also had kidnapped Ugandan girls, molested them and used them for pleasure. He has now abducted and forced an estimated 66,000 children to fight for him and has forced the internal displacement of over two million people since 1986.


He now calls his group the Lord’s Resistance Army. To his group, Kony is regarded to be a spokesperson of God and a spirit medium, primarily of the Holy Spirit, which they believe can represent itself in many manifestations. If a representative of God, how come he does such brutal acts? How can he use the holy name of the Lord in his barbarous, beastly, devilish acts?

What SEO Practitioners and Bloggers should do?

The whole world must know this that a diabolic person such as JOSEPH KONY exists in this world. His evil works must be stopped. The abducting, molesting and forcing must stop. The Ugandan children must be freed, thus giving them the chance to live their lives in freedom. Campaigns against Joseph Kony must be supported by SEO Practitioners, bloggers, by me, by you and the whole world because every child has the right to live fearlessly, free from force and molestations.

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