3 Things for Online Influencer by Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher SpeakingAs I was scrolling my social media account in Facebook, I encountered a very unusual post that attracted my attention. In the wall of our Facebook account, there are so many friends’ updates that are mostly useless that your wall changes so fast you sometimes lose track of some important things. This wall post was actually posted by my friend in the United States which I believe it can also be a good advice to many Online Influencer in the internet.

Meet Ashton Kutcher… He is known as an actor, a producer, and a model. He has played lead roles in some of Hollywood’s films like “Just Married”, “The Guardians”, etc. See his video below.

These are the 3 things shared by Ashton Kutcher:

  1. Opportunity – A lot of hard work and every job that you have is a stepping stone for a better opportunity.
  2. Being Sexy – Chris Ashton describe being sexy by being being smart, thoughtful and generous.
  3. Living Life – Everything around us that we call life was made up by people no smarter than you. Build your own things that other people can live in. Build a life and find every opportunity.

In relation to online influencer, the tips that Ashton Kutcher have shared is definitely the same. If you want to build opportunities in the internet, try to start working on something. Work hard to put up your own blog or product and services in a website. This will be a big stepping stone for more opportunities. You need also to be smart, thoughtful and generous in order for you to create and share better information for your product and services that people might benefit from. In Eyewebmaster, we believe that building and developing things like these can give you more opportunities.

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