2 Essential Tips for New Freelancers at Elance

I have experiences on Elance for quite some time. I tried several attempts to use the platform to start my own freelance business. I have some knowledge in SEO, been practicing it for a living, but my efforts to make it into a profitable gig with Elance didn’t start right away. I thought no one was interested on my ideas so my plan just passed off.

When one of my clients introduced me to use the escrow service of Elance, it brought me back again to its secured online work platform.  So, it gave me a start to know more about the service and ways to build and maximize my presence there.

It put me into a few realizations that I also want to pass out to all the first-time providers at Elance.

1. Make sure you have chosen your specific niche to work on.

There are countless of jobs being offered and posted every single day on Elance. It may confuse you once you get there and choose what type of projects you want to work on. Carefully assess yourself first, “Where am I really good at?”  This is very crucial because if you’re genuinely happy with what you’re doing, it will be easy for you to deal with my second advice.

2. Take what you can get, not what you want.

As what Seth Godin said, “Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress”. Start making progress by what you can get on Elance and don’t just wait for those perfectly desired projects. Even, if you feel you are underpaid, do the job and do it well because it is your first attempt on building a strong profile there. Want a 5-star ratings and good feedbacks on your portfolio? Then, start working on low-paying yet highly-appreciated jobs.

One reason why most freelancers stayed for long on low paying projects was because they simply enjoyed what they’re doing.  Taking aside the money you will earn, as you enjoy, you can entirely focus and produce quality work thus giving more the trust you build with your client and experiences you will learn.

It may take you few more jobs before getting paid considerably, but the point is, you are doing what you love and you’re getting paid for it.

Try getting your first job by asking low average fee and provide the utmost quality work in all aspects of freelancing service at Elance.

About The Author: Orville Tadle is an SEO Manager and Co-founder of CebuSEO.org – a leading search marketing forum in Cebu. He is one of the Country’s Representatives of Elance

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