How to recognize your website links manually?

Recognizing your link through the search engine is not quite hard. Most SEO specialists are using different tools to find out their website links. But search engines could really give you this website links as long as you know how to command Google search engine and Yahoo search engines.

There are simple tips and tutorials I will be sharing with you on how to recognize your website links.

This type of command can help you find all the links coming from all .edu to this domain
You can try this by copying and putting it to your search engine browser. This for sure will work on Google and Yahoo.

I will explain further about the usage of this command:

linkdomain: “List all pages which link to a domain”
site: “It will restrict a search to a single site”
+: “This command will insist that the search engine includes a given keyword in the search results”
-: “This command will insist that the search engine omits pages which match a given keyword in the search results”

There is a lot of commands that you can use in search engines. But one thing Eyewebmaster had learned is that it is better to use Yahoo to find out your back links as well as your own internal links by following the command we have here.

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