How to Optimize (SEO) Japanese Websites

Face Mug CupThere are many websites that are being developed at this time. Many of them are starting to adapt the online industry as a powerful tool to share information about their product and services, communicate with clients, help people with their needs and buy what they want through the technology.

These innovations for businesses and trends, many website developers are concerned with local websites that offer specific language like Japanese. Optimizing a pure Japanese website is totally different to a normal website that uses English language. Perhaps it is a challenge to all SEO specialist that doesn’t know how to read and write Japanese characters. In Eyewebmaster our team were very thankful to Google Translator and other tools. We also have people that knows how to read and write Japanese characters which had helped us during the process of optimizing a Japanese Website.

One website example that we have optimized is Face Mug. This website is a pure Japanese website where people in Japan can visit, place their picture Face Mug Logoand order their graduation mug  where their picture is attached to that mug. In their website you can also do some customization so that you can be able to print a group of people faces from a different type of group, team or family. In Japan I think they love to customize their own mug to remember and commemorate their group or team.

Now how to optimized Japanese website – I believe these are the steps below that you can follow in order to optimized a Japanese website successfully.

    1. Keyword research and Branding awareness. Make sure that your  keyword research will help lead some traffic to the website. Make sure to recognized the brand while doing a keyword research.
    2. Implement keywords in the Title and Description especially on your landing page or home page. If its needed, check if you need to put English and Japanese characters in the Title and Description. Make sure to put keywords in your meta keywords because other search engines are still crawling these informations.
    3. Check the images and put a proper name through Alt tags.
    4. Submit the website into the search engines by adding those meta code into the header of the website pages. You need a webmaster account to do this.
    5. Make XML file for each pages of the site and submit it to the search engine.
    6. Make sure to disallow other pages in the website that is not necessary for the search engine to crawl by using Robots.txt.
    7. Implement some caching system into .htaccess so that the website will load faster when users visit the website.
    8. Start building a back links to the website. Make sure that all back links are relevant to the website products and services. Do not use any automatic back link tools that might create some problems in the future. If you’re building back links to Japanese website make sure that there will be a person who is expert to assist you.

I believe there are more option to optimize Japanese website but these are the basic steps to follow to start optimizing a Japanese website.

About The Author: Rosendo Cuyasen Jr. is the head of Eyewebmaster a web developing and SEO firm in the country. You can follow him on twitter@Eyewebmaster account, you can also like him to his Facebook account and Google + account.

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