How to obtain a (SSL) dedicated IP address

This article will help and give you information regarding why you need to have an SSL or dedicated IP address and how to obtain it. One very important reason why internet users need to have a dedicated IP address is because of security purposes (SSL). We will explain here what are the requirements in having a dedicated IP address and how to obtain this for your site.

Requirements for dedicated IP address

1. Web Domain Name
2. Web Hosting

In some hosting, dedicated IP address are not included when you purchase a regular domain and hosting package, but you can obtain a dedicated IP through choosing some options in your hosting. Actually first thing to do is by purchasing this through your hosting. Eyewebmaster had listed additional steps you might want to do especially if your hosting is provided by this company “International Hosting Provider“.

Steps how to obtain your dedicated IP

1. Try to check or locate your hosting service/upgrade and find a line that says IP Addresses.
2. Find the line that says IP Addresses.
3. Check the amount of IPs that you wish to purchase.
4. Choose a payment method that is most convenient for you and click Continue to place the payment.

The article below was taken from CTRSITE website explaining further details about the matter.

The price for every additional service, including the dedicated IP addresses, is calculated on a monthly basis for the remaining months until the expiration of your hosting package. For instance, if your account expires in 3 months’ time, then the price for the additional service will be calculated for three months only. Once your account expires, you will be able to renew the add-ons, along with the hosting plan itself.

Once the payment has been placed and approved by our Sales Department, you will be able to see the ordered IPs in the Account Usage table marked as Available. Also note that a new section Dedicated IP Addresses will appear under the Site Management menu in your Web Hosting Control Panel once you ordered an IP address.

Ordering an IP address does not automatically assign it to your hosting account. Whenever you wish to put an IP address into use, just go to the Site Management; Dedicated IP Addresses menu and click on Request IP Address. Once you do that, an IP address will be assigned to your account and you will be able to use it as you wish.
Every IP that you assign to your account will be shown in the list right below the Request IP Address button in the Dedicated IP Addresses section. Also, when requested, the IP addresses will be marked as In Use in the Account Usage table on the left.

NOTE: Clicking on the Request IP Address button will only assign one IP address. If you have ordered multiple IP addresses, then you will have to request them one by one.

After the IP address has been purchased and requested, you can assign it to a specific domain/sub-domain name that you are hosting under your account. This is done through the Subdomain Manager (Site Management; Subdomain Manager). There you’ll see a form for creating new subdomains and a list of all existing ones.

When creating a new subdomain, you can specify an IP address for it, selecting it from the IP Address drop-down menu. If you wish to assign an IP to an already existing name, simply use the Edit button next to the subdomain in question. Again, to assign an IP to this specific subdomain, just select it from the IP Address drop-down menu and click Apply to confirm the change.

Note that every time you change an IP address, the system needs up to 10 minutes to update the new information. There is also an additional propagation time, which could be up to 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: The “www” subdomain is a default subdomain of your domain. Changing the IP address for the “www” subdomain also changes it for the domain name itself. In other words, if you wish to change the IP of, then simply change the IP of

Hope you obtained a dedicated IP address for you site to be secured and to prevent hackers to hack your site.

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