How to get a Google Page Rank

There are many things to do in getting a page rank to your website. News and tips regarding the task of webmasters were shared and discussed particularly about the matter. In this article, we would share ideas, informations, and free tips on how you can get a higher page rank for your web site.

How to get a page rank:

1. Meta Tags – Creating your title page and description properly will help search engine result page identify your keywords and content of your pages.

2. Sitemap XML – This will help search engine crawl and index your website faster.

2. Website speed – Be sure to make your image, script, css, php code in a smaller or shorter way.

3. Inbound links – Page rank is the number of inbound links that you are getting to your websites.

4. Outbound links – Links that you are getting outside your websites.

a. Article submission – Submitting your article to article website could help increase reputations.

b. Directory submission –

c. Bookmarking submission –

d. Blog comments –

e. Media optimization –

f. Affiliate –

g. Reciprocal links –

Some forum and other webmasters say that one of the very important aspects in the search engine optimization (SEO) is to keep the content of the source site constantly refreshed and relevant to text and images. All crawled site pages content by the search engines has recently been confirmed to be more important than earlier due to new parameters in the Google indexing routines.

The image below will show how these websites get the highest page rank.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank


Facebook Page Rank

Facebook Page Rank

Facebook Page Rank

One important thing is to make sure you’re included from other links especially to Google and other relevant sites. Make sure that quality traffic from your site is often needed. Submit your site to directories. There are thousands of directories in the internet that you can find and submit your sites. Blog comments and article submissions are used by webmasters to gain more valuable links.

Remember more traffic for a particular page or landing page give you better result. One great tip to remember here is to be consistent and never take a shortcut.

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