How Google Search Engine Works and Caffeine Works

Google has already started crawling the web using Caffeine indexing system.

What is caffeine in Google terms? It is the new crawling system that would allow Google to index newer websites and pages faster and more reliable.
Matt Cutts had explained very well about this. I hope you will learn something on what he will be discussing to you in his video. I’m really thankful for this person because he explained very well how Google search engine works especially when you are finding or searching keywords in Google search engine.

Here are some key points to learn from his video:

1. How spiders work in their search engine.

2. How are links very important to Google.
3. How does Google decide for a quick result in a thousand or million keyword searched.

a) It should contain the keywords used in the search engine and how many times it was used in that page.
b) The word should be in the title, url, and adjacent.
c) Synonyms for those word used in the page
d) The page should be from a quality website and not from a low quality or spamming.
e) Page Rank of a website

This is how Google can give a quick result of your keyword search by combining this formula together. One thing more to learn from Matt Cutss’ video is that Google doesn’t accept any payment on this particular organic search result and ranking for a website. You need to work this things out by following the key points indicated in this article.

This is the sample result I have done with

How Google Search Works

How Google Search Works

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