High Page Rank Do Follow Social Media Sites

There are many social media sites that are existing in the world wide web. I just want to share what I got while exploring the internet. These social sites are among the best sites where you can build your back links for your site. Try it and it will give you greater do follow back links for your site especially if you’re ranking your site pages or domain sites.

Some of these list were effective and give greater traffic for your site.

PR URL Do Follow
9 www.slashdot.org Yes
8 www.digg.com Yes
8 www.mister-wong.com Yes
8 www.2collab.com Yes
8 www.propeller.com Yes
8 www.stumbleupon.com URL Only
7 www.current.com URL Only
7 www.reddit.com In Main Categories
7 www.friendfeed.com Yes
7 www.mybloglog.com Yes
7 www.furl.net Yes
7 www.hugg.com Yes
7 www.spurl.net On Main Page
7 www.connotea.org Yes
7 www.dzone.com Yes
7 www.mixx.com Yes
7 www.folkd.com Yes
7 www.multiply.com Yes
6 www.kaboodle.com URL Only
6 www.sphinn.com 25+ Votes Articles
6 www.kirtsy.com Yes
6 www.feedagg.com Yes
6 www.backflip.com Yes
6 www.bibsonomy.org Yes
6 www.searchles.com Yes
6 www.plime.com Yes
6 www.swik.net Yes
5 www.stumpedia.com Yes
5 www.mylinkvault.com On Main Page
5 www.linkagogo.com Yes
5 www.corank.com Yes
5 www.faves.com Yes
5 www.spotback.com Yes
5 www.kwoff.com Yes
5 www.jeqq.com Yes
5 www.web2list.com Yes
5 www.quadriot.com Yes
5 www.bringr.com Yes
5 www.unalog.com Yes
5 www.linkatopia.com Yes
4 www.a1-webmarks.com Yes
4 www.urlex.info URL Only
4 www.highvibeit.com URL Only
4 www.oyax.com Yes
4 www.ausculture.com Yes
4 www.memestreams.net Yes
4 www.bookmarksync.com Yes
4 www.bmaccess.net Yes
4 www.1topix.com Yes
4 www.blogmarks.net Yes
3 www.wobblog.com URL Only
3 www.plugim.com URL Only
3 www.kez6.com URL Only
3 www.th3scoop.com Yes
3 www.megite.com Yes
3 www.earthfrisk.com Yes
3 www.contentpop.com Yes
3 www.actualtopics.com Yes
3 www.postonfire.com Yes
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