Google Text and Ads Guidelines and Best Practices

google adword text exampleIn Google there are few things to read and to be learn in order to pass the examination of their Google Adword advertising program certification. I’ve summarized what I have learn in their training materials and I hope this would be helpful to you as you understand this guidelines and policies of Google.

Google Adword summary list and definitions

Text Ad Guidelines and Policies

  1. Editorial and format – first three lines of your ad  and it will be use as you head title. Only maximum of one exclamation point (!) is used. It should clearly and accurately display keywords in your website when promoting price, discount and free offers.
  2. Content – it should be precise to what you are advertising either selling product or inviting them to avail your services.
  3. Link – is a URL that when they click your ad they will be directed to a webpage they wanted to go.

Writing Targeted Ad Text

  1. Create Simple and enticing Ad – Simple and direct promotions that you offer can easily capture the attention of online users.
  2. Include Prices and Promotions – If you target specific niche of market putting price in your ads can help users be interest to but your product or services. This will target the people who knows about product pricing and they won’t click this ad if they don’t know about your product.
  3. Use a Strong Call-to-Action – Using these keyword phrases (Buy, Purchase, Call Today, Order, Browse, Sign up, and Get a Quote) can help your ad increase performance especially if your promoting a product or services or establishing some campaign for your business.
  4. Keywords in you Ad Text – This will be use when user will be looking for your something in Google ad and they type the keyword you’ve use your ad it will help you show the keyword you’ve put use in your ads. This will also vary on the location that you set your ads.

Question to Consider when creating an Advertising Campaign:

  1. How strong a strong call to action impact ad performance?
  2. Why you need to include a keyword in the ad title?
  3. Why you need to put specific purchase price in the your ad text?


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