Google Plus Launched New Events Organizer in Mid 2012

Google Event CalendarNow a day, there are plenty of activities that are happening in the society. There are times that people tend to forget on what to do first and how to consume the time well, but there are always better solutions to these things.

We all know that we are already in a new world, in which technology is fast rising. We can easily connect to people by using the different social Medias in the internet and Google has a big influenced to the people when we talk about social networks. It has shown a very high reputation when it comes to gathering and sharing information.

Google has launched Google+ last June 2011. Google+ is a social network that allows sharing within the subset of your group, in which Google calls it as Circles. Circles are small groups of people that you can share to; each can be classified as friends, family and co-workers. Google+ also allows for viewing, managing and editing multimedia. Google+ has plenty of uses and this is a more reliable way of sharing.

This time, Google has introduced a new feature. This is the Google+ Events. Google+ Events integrates with Google Calendar which has support for beautiful themes. It allows you to create an event and the most interesting part is that it’s not just about creating events but it has a feature which is called “Party Mode”. It automatically brings together all the photos that the guests have taken. Once “party mode” has been enabled in a mobile device, all of the photos will be added to the event real-time.

Google+ Events is a best way for scheduling events and for keeping track to the details (attendees, photos etc.). That is why it is necessary to know more about this new feature.
After knowing these things, you can already enjoy using the Google+ Events. It would be a much better idea to invite and to attend events. There would be a big chance to make new acquaintances and at the same time share those memories that you’ve spent with your friends. You will not only enjoy but you will be updated to everyone’s photos and RSVP status is a snap with Google+ events; a great and a simple way to let others know the events that you have planned.

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