First to consider in Developing a Landing or Home Page

SEO, website landing pageWhen developing a home or landing page particularly to your website there are few things to be consider. This strategy will help your website get higher rankings especially if you’re dealing with rankings in the search engines. The first that we would like to share to you is about your home or landing page content. What should you need to have for you to be able to please your visitors and the search engine bot? This is another question which will be answered by Matt Cutts a software engineer at Google.

How much content should be on a homepage?


Content is very important in a homepage. It engages your readers and attracts their attention.

In this video, Matt Cutts says,  “You can have too much but I wouldn’t have a homepage that has 20MB”. It takes a long time to download and users will get angry if internet connection is slow.

He also specify that having more content in your homepage can be useful because there would be more text for googlebot to find. He also discussed that it would be better if you put captions on the pictures. Just a little bit of textual information can help.

Let us say that you have more content in your homepage but the thoughts are not relevant at all. This is a thing to remember, when you write your content, always consider a good quality, informative and relevant content.

I hope you have learn another important insight when developing a successful home or a landing page of your website.





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