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Blogger LogoThere are many people who asked about traffic limit on Blogspot or Blogger account. As I made my researched I didn’t see any limit on the traffic or bandwidth set on my blog. It is only limited on the storage that that they provide.  For those who would want to start blogging through a free host you can use blogspot or blogger. This is owned by Google. If you have an account in Google you can easily create a free blogs or site. You only need to use a sub domain on just what I have written in this example (

For bloggers this is the tool they use to create different topics and opportunity to earn money through Adsense. Other personal bloggers use this application to be benefited from other Googles apps like Google social media app and subscribers.

Well if you’re doing this for the first time it quite a challenge but their are few tips and techniques to do in order to have a professional blogspot site just like what I’ve made it to personal blog. One example is putting a menu or ads on your blog site. We will share some few tips on how to make a personal blog like a professional and how you can be benefited from your blog.



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