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Blogging is a great way to express one’s ideas and opinions. In fact, so many blogs have already been created tackling various topics that interest man. Perhaps you have thought of writing your very own blog too but can’t or don’t know where to start. An interesting article from SEOMOZ talks about how to be a successful blogger which I think is very helpful for you beginner bloggers out there. To those who have been blogging for a while but can’t seem to get much traffic, here are bright ideas to help your blog boost its ranks.
Passion is one ingredient in blogging. Whatever topic you choose to write, you need to have the passion to stay focus on the topic and write as much as you can that would relate to that topic. How can you exhibit passion and where do you begin? Well, read on.

Questions that will lead you to be successful Blogger

First, ask questions. I don’t mean just any question. Ask questions that relate to your preferred topic. Questions open the mind to ideas and allow learning. When you ask questions and write them down, you are determined to find answers and see the point of view of a learner. If you have the right questions in mind, you are most likely to provide an interesting write up that would get readers eager to read your blog. Focus on the basic five(5) W questions – what, where, when, why, who and sometime you can include how questions. These basic types of questions can help you find great ideas on what to write.

Second, now that you have questions as your guide, you are ready to do the next big work- research. According to the article, research comprises 60% of the whole stage of blogging. Find available resources that can help you answer those questions you have formulated. Your gift to readers is doing the research instead of them doing it. Create short and concise, easy to understand and most of all interesting answers to your questions. A variety of examples on how to go about research are presented in the article for your reference.

These two basic tips can lead you to create interesting questions that are worth researching for answers. The more you create interesting questions, the more valuable answers you will be able to provide to your readers. Another gift that you’re giving your readers is that you’re putting time to learn about a specific topic so that they won’t have to. When you reconstruct what you have learned into a blog post, video or tweet that is easy to comprehend, you are establishing a good and reliable rapport to your readers and they will continue to read on what you provide for them.

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